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When it's time for breaking up materials, power and durability are critical. Whether your job involves demolition, construction, quarry work or another application in which you need to break rock-hard materials, used breaker attachments help you save money on your next equipment purchase. Caterpillar is known for powerful builds and long-lasting equipment. Save money and get more value from your machinery by buying used Cat® hammer attachments.

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Caterpillar B6
Springfield, MO
Specifications Conditions

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Caterpillar ATTACHMENTS SB452.420.HAMMER, 7,5002021
Henderson Nv, NV

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Caterpillar H160ES, 106,3722014
Milford, MA
1 h Specifications Conditionscat h160es hammercomments: has autolube.connecting lines installeddb bracket with pinsrebuilt by milton cat

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Epiroc SB 552, 18,0002021
Dripping Springs, TX

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Epiroc SBU-220-BREAKER, 7,8002022
Reno, NV

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Caterpillar H90C, 10,3602012
Flagstaff, AZ
525 htrack shoe width/type: 30" tgcat carrier range: 307-308, 416-430energy class: 1200 ft lbsoperating weight: 1320 lbs

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Caterpillar HM SSL B6S, 8,3002020
Hurricane, UT
priced 11/20/23 krbracket, lines, ssl, md-lg

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Caterpillar HM 304 B6S, 9,0152021
Cedar City, UT
ordered for stock 08.31.21 jlspriced 01/17/23 dabracket, mhe 3-4t, 40mm, sm-lghammer, b6s

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MBX308, 20,000
San Antonio, TX

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Caterpillar H95E HYD HAMMER, 7,4002016
Bowling Green, KY
bracket, mountingtrack,450mm tg w/rubber padh95e s hammertool, cross cut chisel h95e spack, domestic truck

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Epiroc SBU220, 7,0002021
Waco, TX

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City Of Industry, CA

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Caterpillar HM 329 140, 116,3752023
Salt Lake City, UT
3 hsupport, sliding for seatpin group, spareautolube, hammer mountedlines, connectingbracket, mounting - cb linkage

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Caterpillar H90C, 21,5272011
Kingman, AZ
31 hcat carrier range: 307-308, 416-430energy class: 1200 ft lbstool diameter: 85mmon board autolubetool diameter: 95 mm diameter

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Caterpillar ATTACHMENTS H130ES, 47,2872014
Tucson, AZ
2,886 h

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Caterpillar HM 320 130, 36,0002017
Hurricane, UT
2,981 hautolube cartridges,pack of 12tool-moil h120e sbracket, mounting (b)mount # b0005062priced 11.10.23 jls (45%)

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Caterpillar H140ES, 32,2002013
Shakopee, MN
2 h Conditionslines, connectorautolube, hammer mountedtool, chiselauto lube pn# 317-4204h140e s hammer with wear plate

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Caterpillar H130E, 36,8972017
Mason City, IA
2 h Conditionsautolube, hammer mountedwt - hammer e seriesh130e s hammertool-chisel h130e s

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Caterpillar H80S 308E2018
Apache Junction, AZ
129 h

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Caterpillar H180S, 70,0002002
Murrysville, PA
1 h Conditionswindshield protectioncat h180s hydraulic hammer

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Caterpillar H90C, 23,3992010
Apache Junction, AZ
1,670 hcat carrier range: 307-308, 416-430energy class: 1200 ft lbsoperating weight: 1320 lbstool diameter: 85mmon board autolube

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Caterpillar ATTACHMENTS H110ES HEX, 24,7472011
Tucson, AZ
2,666 h

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Caterpillar H130ES, 47,2872014
Imperial, CA
2,886 hon board autolubewheel chockscat carrier range: 320-329energy class: 3500 ft lbsoperating weight: 4158 lbs

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Caterpillar H100 450, 20,5152011
Mesa, AZ
1,481 hon board autolubecat carrier range: 450, 312-314operating weight: 2100 lbsenergy class: 1500 ft lbtool diameter: 95 mm diameter

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