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If you manage a construction fleet, you need equipment that will be there for the long-haul. Track loaders are compact, intuitive pieces of equipment that can be employed for almost any type of excavation project. At Cat Used, we have a wide network of dealers with versatile, accessible used track loader solutions. Our dealers work hard so you can continue prioritizing productivity and user safety in your fleet.

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Caterpillar 289D, 64,3352019
Amarillo, TX
3,084 htrack,rubber,450mm(17.7in)blckcertification arr, p65control, iso, prop, wtconversion arrangementdisplay, advanced, lcd, camera

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Caterpillar 963K, 265,7402018
Harrisburg, PA
4,436 h Conditionsam fm radiolightingproduct linkultra low sulfur diesel fuelair conditioner

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Caterpillar 299D2, 70,9502018
North Mankato, MN
1,029 h299d2

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Caterpillar 259D3, 93,6562021
Clifton Park, NY
567 h2 speed controlself levelingam fm radiolightingauxiliary hydraulics

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Caterpillar 259D, 38,3002018
Brownstown, MI
2,522 htank, fuel, refueling pumplightingproduct linkauxiliary hydraulicsultra low sulfur diesel fuel

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Caterpillar 259D3, 70,0002022
Waco, TX
615 h Conditions Special Offers Customer Value Agreementself levelingam fm radiolightingproduct linkauxiliary hydraulics

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Caterpillar 299D2XHP, 46,8002016
Lansing, MI
2,750 hself levelinglightingproduct linkauxiliary hydraulicsultra low sulfur diesel fuel

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Caterpillar 299D2 XHP, 72,2502018
Oklahoma City, OK
2,787 hengine, 98 h p turbo eutrack,rubber,400mm(15.7in)blckconversion arrangementdoor, cab, polycarbonatefilm, ride control, ansi

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Caterpillar 259D, 55,0002019
Sioux Falls, SD
1,999 h Conditionsinstructions, ansicontrol, iso, prop, wtfan, cooling, demandproduct link, cellular pl240ride control, none

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Caterpillar 259D C1-H2, 42,0002018
Lindon, UT
1,542 hpriced 10/06/23 da*display, basic, anti-theftseat belt, 2"*259d ctl tier 4 final hrcinstructions, ansi, usa

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Caterpillar 289D3, 97,2422020
Clifton Park, NH
813 h2 speed controlself levelingam fm radiolightingproduct link

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Caterpillar 299D3, 79,0002020
Zanesville, OH
1,431 h Conditions

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Bobcat T870 HF, 66,0002019
Grand Junction, CO
1,872 h Conditionstransmission, 2 speed travelfourth roller1872/08/11/232019 bobcat t870 compact loaderauxiliary high flow @32.6 gpm

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Caterpillar 963C, 115,0002003
Fenton, MO
9,625 h Conditionstank, fuelguard, idlerhitch/drawbarenginesegments, bolt on

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Caterpillar 299D, 30,0002013
Portland, TX
5,400 h Conditionsself levelinglightingauxiliary hydraulics2 speed travelair conditioner

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Caterpillar 259D, 44,0002018
Indianapolis, IN
2,367 h Conditionsself levelingam fm radiolightingauxiliary hydraulics2 speed travel

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Caterpillar 299D2, 51,1102016
San Angelo, TX
4,546 hbucketcontrol, iso, prop, wtconversion arrangementdealer installed pl641 p-linkdisplay, advanced, lcd, camera

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Caterpillar 279D3, 59,5002020
Hugo, MN
1,828 h Conditionsseat belt, 2"cab package, ultracertification arr, p65door, cab, glassheater, engine coolant, 120v

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Caterpillar 259D, 41,5002018
Abingdon, MD
1,735 h Conditions2 speed controllightingauxiliary hydraulicsultra low sulfur diesel fuel2 speed travel

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Caterpillar 299D2, 60,0002015
Huron, SD
3,792 h Conditionsproduct link, cellular pl641quick coupler, electricseat belt, 3"battery, xtra hvy duty, discdisplay, advanced, lcd, camera

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Caterpillar 963K, 263,5002018
Monroe, NJ
3,042 h Conditions*camera rear viewrear view cameraam fm radiolightingproduct link

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Caterpillar 259D HF, 47,0002018
Albuquerque, NM
6,172 h Conditionsengine,c3.3b, 74hp, tier 4rubber track w/bar treadundercarriage, w/sd roller lc2 spd travel, hydrostatic2018 caterpillar 259d ct loader

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Caterpillar 299D2, 55,5002017
Windsor, CO
5,616 h Conditionstravel alarm, headliner,rops, enclosed w/ac,heat,def(c3)dual self leveling (ilev)winch ar, retrieval verified* qc not disengaging properly

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Caterpillar 279D, 46,8502017
Spartanburg, SC
2,727 h Conditionsseat belt, 2"control, iso, prop, wtlightingproduct linkauxiliary hydraulics

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